Home exercises

Simple workout you can do at home.



Crocodile arms | Feel good arm circle | Clam stretch | Side stretch | Hip stretch | Glutes stretch | Hip escalator | Kneeling cat to cow stretch | Threading the needle | Child’s pose

Seated Series

Alternating side bends | Neck stretches | Spinal articulation: half roll back | Half roll back with scissor arms | Bridging with shoulder stretch | Flexion and extension | Shoulder rolls

Seated Chair Series

Shoulder shrugs | Shoulder shrugs with extension | Seated crocodile arms | Seated alternating side bends | Neck stretches | Shoulder rolls | Figure of 4 hip stretch | Figure of 4 hip stretch (straight back) | Figure of 4 hip stretch (spinal articulation)

Standing Chair Series

Standing cat to cow stretch | Standing figure of 4 hip stretch | Wide squats with calf raises | Side bend with rotation

Standing Wall Series

Shoulder shrugs | Protraction and retraction of shoulders | Wall angel | Standing roll down | Arm circles