core muscles

Pilates improves flexibility through its dynamic and static stretching exercises

pilates improves flexibility

Often, we associate flexibility exercises with “warm-up”, “cool-down” and sit-and-reach test.  But flexibility or mobility is one of the critical functional capacities of our quality of life that is often an after-thought for most of us.    That’s right…the creaking sound when you stretch is a good indication it’s time to take stretching exercises a…

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Reduce Low Back Pain and Aches

One of the benefits of Pilates is to help ease chronic (non-specific) low back pain and aches by building strong core muscles.  Most people think that pain and aches come with age, that’s true in some ways, but the most important thing is we do not have to continue putting up with them!  Pilates strengthen…

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Builds Amazing Strong Abs

Pilates builds strong core and of course amazing-looking abs (abdominal muscles). But hey, what is core? We often hear this word being thrown around in conversations and by fitness instructors and many would often think that of the six-pack sexy abdominal. However, the core is more than that. What is core? Core is defined as muscles…

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